When we think of medicine and healing, the first thing that comes into our mind is that of the typical Western medical practice. However, there are many other modes of healing too. Some of these modes have principles that are quite different from that of the typical medical professions.

Come to think about it, before the widespread influence of western-based medical practices, people all over the world are already practicing some other forms of healing methods and principles. From this, we can deduce that there are certainly more ways of healing and recovering a body than what is traditionally done using the mainstream Western way.

Below are what I consider as alternative healing professions and careers:

1. Acupuncturist. Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing method. It involves inserting fine needles into the body to bring about healing. An Acupuncturist is a medical professional who is trained in Acupuncture.

2. Chiropractor. A Chiropractor is an expert in Chiropractic.Chiropractic is an alternative medical system that is based on the principle that the body has powerful self-healing abilities. The principle is that the body’s structure and its function are closely related. Chiropractors use a kind of hands-on therapy called spinal adjustment.

3. Reiki healer. Reiki is a Japanese art of healing that uses the universal energy source. Ki is the Japanese word for Chi or Qi in Chinese.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is widely employed in East Asia and has long been an effective way of healing before the advent of Western medical practices.

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