BJP Claims To Have Won 226 Seats Out Of 312

Madhya Pradesh Janpad Panchayat Polls: BJP Claims To Have Won 226 Seats

Madhya Pradesh Janpad panchayat elections were held on Wednesday and Thursday.


The ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh claimed on Thursday that candidates affiliated to it have been elected to the posts of president and vice president in 226 out of 312 Janpad Panchayats in the state.

Main opposition Congress, on the other hand, claimed that its candidates won in 167 Janpad Panchayats.

The elections, held on Wednesday and Thursday, were not contested on party tickets, making it difficult to verify the claims.

The result of Garoth Janpad Panchayat in Mandsaur district was not announced because of a court stay, an official said.

The elections for the two posts took place in 143 Janpad Panchayats on Thursday and 170 Janpad Panchayats on Wednesday, he added.

Out of 143 Janpad Panchayats, BJP claimed to have won in 102. The saffron party also claimed that Congress-backed candidates won in 29 Janpad Panchayats, Gondwana Gantantra Party (GGP) candidates won in five places and Independents won in six Janpad Panchayats.

On Wednesday, out of 170 Janpad Panchayats, BJP claimed to have won president’s and vice president’s posts in 124 places.

Congress won in 43 Janpad Panchayats, GGP in two and Independents in four, claimed the BJP.

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said the BJP has got historic success by winning in 226 Janpad Panchayats.

“Even among Independents, the party’s supporters have won. BJP has never achieved such splendid success in the three-tier panchayat elections in the past and I express gratitude for the voters and congratulate the winners as well as party workers including MLAs, MPs and ministers,” Mr Chouhan said in a statement.

But Congress claimed it won 89 posts of Janpad Panchayat president and vice president on Wednesday and 78 on Thursday, thus taking the total to 167.

“Despite BJP government’s atrocities through police and administration, Congress has performed in a stellar manner in these elections,” it said in a statement.

State Congress president Kamal Nath thanked people for supporting the party.

The way people voted for Congress without succumbing to the pressure of “police, administration and money power” has strengthened democracy, he said.

State BJP president Vishnu Dutt Sharma claimed that out of 11 Janpad Panchayats in Chhindwara, Nath’s home turf, BJP candidates won in Amarwada, Bicchua, Saunsar, Mohakhed, Junnardeo and Chourai.

Chief Minister Chouhan also claimed that Nath suffered a setback in his own Janpad Mohakhed where BJP’s Krishna Digarse won.

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