Bureaucrat Shares Photo Of Truck Carrying Logs, Says “Definition Of Irony”

Bureaucrat Shares Photo Of Truck Carrying Logs, Says 'Definition Of Irony'

Picture shows a truck loaded with wooden logs.

Bureaucrat Awanish Sharan, known for his quirky and informative posts on Twitter, again posted an image that is creating waves on the micro-blogging website. He shared the photo saying it depicts “irony”.

It shows a man driving a truck loaded with wooden logs, which were gathered after cutting down trees. But the message on the back of the vehicle is what has caught the attention of Twitter users’ attention. The message says “Plant more trees”.

Mr Sharan captioned the post as, “Definition of Irony.”

The viral picture has received over 11,000 likes. The post has also been shared thousands of times and users have posted numerous comments.

One user wrote, “Plant more trees” – so I can cut them. He is right, in context to his business,” while another said, “It is happening all over India.”

A third user commented, “No, business motto. You plant, we cut.”

Recently, a video shared by Mr Sharan on Twitter went viral on social media which showed a woman crossing a railway track just before a train on another track was about to arrive.

“Life is yours. The decision is yours,” the post caption read when translated into English.

Several individuals can be seen leaving a train that isn’t even stationed on a platform in the footage. A train is approaching, and the individual who was recording the scene can be heard warning the people attempting to cross the tracks. One family, though, was so alarmed by the warning that they immediately began throwing their belongings over to the other side of the track.

Then, suddenly, a woman decides to cross the railway tracks, and she does that moments before a train arrives on another track. Many users criticised her “reckless act”, which they said could have resulted in her death. Fortunately, she was able to get back to a secure location.

The video received more than 2 lakh views.

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