Fisherman Helps Free Whale Tangled In Rope, Internet Overwhelmed

Viral Video: Fisherman Helps Free Whale Tangled In Rope, Internet Overwhelmed

Picture shows a beautiful whale with rope tied around its body.

A heartwarming video is going viral on social media that shows a whale approaching a fishermen’s boat in the sea to save it from a rope tied around its body.

Shared on YouTube on Saturday, the video caption says: “A whale approaches the fishermen’s ship and asks them to save it from the rope tied around its body.”

The clip shows a gorgeous whale swimming towards the boat with three-four fishermen standing on its deck. The whale then emerges from the water to reveal itself and demonstrates to the humans that a rope has been tied around its body which is creating problem in swimming.

The fisherman then uses a fishing tool with a hook-like structure in a long stick to pull the rope that is preventing the whale from swimming freely. He finally cuts the rope with a knife-like tool. The whale then turns on its back and waves its fluke before going back to the depths of the ocean.

Since being shared, the video has received over 62,000 views and more than hundreds of likes on YouTube.

Users have appreciated the fisherman’s gesture to help the whale.

“This is what we need more of: people actually helping nature. I know that rope probably wasn’t intentionally left in the water (at least I hope it wasn’t), but just think about all the animals that die because they can’t or won’t swim up to a boat or dock and potentially get help.”

A second user said, “That wave at the end! That is not some mindless creature. Amazing interaction here, great to see my fellow humans being bros.”

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