High Temperature Causes “Surface Defect” On Runway, Flights Delayed

UK Heatwave: High Temperature Causes 'Surface Defect' On Runway, Flights Delayed

Met Office has issued its first-ever red warnings for extreme heat.

Amid the ongoing heatwave in the United Kingdom, flights on Monday had to be suspended at various sites as the hot weather caused runways to ‘melt’. 

The Royal Air Force (RAF) suspended flights into and out of the Brize Norton base near Oxfordshire. Sky News reported that the situation was due to the extreme UK heat “melting the runways”. The RAF later informed that the flights were being rerouted through bases that are safe to operate in. The officials also stated that standard military business had not been impacted. 

On Monday, Luton Airport in London also halted all flights due to melting tarmac. Taking Twitter, the international airport, which is used by airlines including EasyJet and Ryanair, apologised for the inconvenience caused. 

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In a statement, the officials said, “Following today’s high temperatures, a surface defect was identified on the runway.” It added repair works are currently in progress in order to resume operations as soon as possible.

Air travel is not the only form of mass transit altering its operation in the nation. The Network Rail has imposed slower speed limits on trains amid soaring temperatures. This came after it was reported earlier this month that train tracks caught fire on a bridge in London after a spark ignited timber beams. 

The United Kingdom is in the midst of a massive heatwave. A national emergency has been declared by the UK Health Security Agency and the Met Office has issued its first-ever red warnings for extreme heat, Sky News reported. Officials have urged people to avoid all non-essential travel and even warned of major disruption to journeys by train and car. 

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