Karnataka Congress MLA’s Loaded Remark

'Made Enough In Name Of Gandhis': Karnataka Congress MLA's Loaded Remark

Last time, KR Ramesh Kumar made headlines was with his outrageous “enjoy rape” remark. (File photo)


Congress MLA and former speaker in Karnataka assembly KR Ramesh Kumar, known for his unfiltered comments, has set off another controversy, saying Congress leaders have “made enough” in the name of Nehru-Gandhis “to last us for next three to four generations”.

Speaking at the Congress party’s protest held in Freedom Park in Bengaluru as party chief Sonia Gandhi was questioned by the Enforcement Directorate, Mr Kumar said, “We have earned enough to last us for the next three to four generations in the name of Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi”.

“Now, if we are not ready to repay those debts, I am afraid the food we eat will be infested with worms,” he added.

The remarks are expected to play in the hands of the state’s ruling BJP, which has repeatedly accused the Congress of corruption. It is also not likely to endear Mr Kumar to his colleagues, several of whom are under the scanner of Central investigating agencies.

Last time, Mr Kumar made headlines was with his outrageous “enjoy rape” remark.

In December, during a discussion on farmers’ issues in the state assembly, Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri had questioned how everyone can be allotted time to speak in view of time constraint.
“Whatever you decide – I will say yes. What I am thinking is that let us enjoy the situation. I can’t control or regulate the system. My concern is about the business of the house, it has also to be covered,” he asked.

To this, the Congress MLA said: “There is a saying that when rape is inevitable, lie down and enjoy it. That is exactly the position which you are in.”

While the others in the assembly — shockingly — laughed in response, the mood quickly changed as reports of the comment evoked outrage.

The Congress said it disapproved of the “highly objectionable and insensitive banter”. The women MLAs held protests the next day and the women’s commission — both at the state and the Centre — condemned the remarks.

In face of the backlash, Mr Kumar had to offer an apology.

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