Kerala High Court Allows Termination Of 30-Week Pregnancy Of Minor Rape Victim

Kerala High Court Allows Abortion For 30-Week Pregnant Minor Rape victim

The easy availability of pornography on the internet can mislead the juvenile minds, court said.


Kerala High Court on Friday permitted medical termination of a 30-week pregnancy of a minor rape victim.

While issuing orders for this, Court has expressed its concern over the increasing number of child pregnancies.

The court permitted the petitioner, who is the parent of the victim to get the pregnancy terminated at a Government Hospital.

The Court also directed the petitioner to file an appropriate undertaking, authorising them to conduct the surgery at ‘her family’s risk.

In the order, Court observed that “the incredulous but harsh truth is that the girl is impregnated by her sibling, who is also a minor.”

Single Bench of Justice VG Arun opined that it is the time for authorities to take a relook at the sexual education being imparted in the schools.

Court further observed that “the easy availability of pornography on the internet can mislead the juvenile minds of youngsters and give them wrong ideas. Educating our children about the safe use of the internet and social media is absolutely essential. The educational machinery of the State has fallen woefully short in imparting the required awareness to young children about the consequence of sexual overtures.”

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