Little Boy Smiles Cutely While Getting Photo Clicked

Viral Video: Little Boy Smiles Cutely While Getting Photo Clicked

Picture shows little boy showing teeth standing straight in front of a white background.

A video showing a little boy getting his passport photo clicked is winning hearts on the social media. The boy was taken to a photo studio by his mother.

In the now viral video, the woman can be seen instructing the little boy to stand straight in front of a white background and pose for the photograph, but as soon as the photographer begins his job, the little boy shows his teeth cutely and says “cheese” while grinning widely.

The photographer can be seen saying, “very good photo but no teeth.” The video has been shared on Instagram with the caption, “Kid giving his all for passport photos.”

The video has accumulated over 18.5 million views and more than 1.3 million likes so far. Users have left beautiful remarks in the comment section praising the little boy.

A user wrote, “the no teeth rule on id or passport pics is so unnecessary, like what is your problem if someone wants to smile on it,” while another said, “who made the rule we shouldn’t smile when getting our passports taken.”

A third user simply said, “he’s cute.”

Videos of children engaging in innocent activities quickly become popular on social media. Recently a video of a little girl carrying strawberries in the garden gained traction on the internet.

A strawberry dropped down when she was seen carrying them away in the viral video. As she bent down to get that one, another fruit fell down. Anytime she attempted to pick another fruit from the ground, other fruits were seen falling out of the basket.

This video of the girl amassed over 23.4 million views and more than 7.9 lakh of likes.


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