Man Buys SUV After “10 Years Of Hard Work”. Anand Mahindra Replies

Man Buys SUV After '10 Years Of Hard Work'. Anand Mahindra Replies

Anand Mahindra is known for his motivating posts and witty replies online.

Buying a car is a dream for many that they work hard for – save money for years to buy their favourite four-wheeler. So is the story of C Ashokkumar, whose latest possession is a Mahindra XUV700.

Mr Ashokkumar (which is the name on his Twitter handle) recently bought the Mahindra SUV and sought “blessings” from industrialist Anand Mahindra, the chairperson of the Mahindra Group. And he was not disappointed.

Sharing a picture of him standing next to his brand-new white SUV, adorned with a garland, Mr Ashokkumar said in his tweet, “After 10 years hard work buy new Mahindra XUV 700 need your blessing sir.” Mr Mahindra was tagged in the post.

Mr Mahindra’s reply came two days later. That too a heart-warming one.

Known for his motivating posts and witty replies online, Mr Mahindra congratulated the user for his new possession and thanked him for choosing a car built by his company.

“Thank you, but it is YOU who have blessed us with your choice…Congratulations on your success that has come from hard work. Happy motoring,” his tweet read.

The user then thanked Mr Mahindra for his reply. “Thank u so much sir,” he wrote.

Mr Mahindra’s response moved not the just Mr Ashokkumar but several Twitter users.

“Great gesture Sir. Gratitude truly goes a long way. Makes you feel special aa well. Many congratulations C Ashokkumar. Hard work pays off,” one comment read.

The post left another user misty-eyed. “Have tears in my eyes after reading this tweet,” the comment read.

This one had a big heart for Mr Mahindra and his delightful gesture.

So, wasn’t this endearing?

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