Noida Supertech Twin Towers To Be Loaded With Explosives By August 20, Razed Next Day

Noida Twin Towers To Be Loaded With Explosives By August 20, Razed Next Day

Demolition proceedings of Supertech towers would be done on August 21 at 2.30 pm, Noida Authority said.


Supertech’s twin towers will be rigged with explosives from August 2 till August 20 and the near 100-metre tall structures will be razed to the ground at 2.30 pm on August 21, the Noida Authority was informed on Tuesday.

During the period when explosives are placed in the buildings, no body except the staff of the demolition firm, Edifice Engineering, would be allowed inside the premises, according to officials.

A detailed discussion on progress report of the demolition of the illegal twin towers was held on Tuesday with representatives of Supertech, Edifice Engineering, UP Pollution Control Board, the Fire Department, and the local police in attendance.

The meeting was chaired by Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari.

The demolition of the twin towers located in Sector 93A comes following an order of the Supreme Court in which it declared the buildings illegal.

A status report was submitted by Edifice Engineering regarding the demolition, the Noida Authority said in a statement after the meeting, also attended by the resident welfare associations of adjoining Emerald Court and ATS Village societies.

“Along with this, Edifice Engineering said that the demolition proceedings would be done on August 21 at 2.30 pm,” the Noida Authority said.

“Holes have been drilled in the pillars on various floors of the twin towers where explosives would be placed from August 2 till August 20. During this period, only the personnel Edifice Engineering will be allowed entry into the premises,” it stated.

While the police will keep a watch on it, the engineering firm hired by Supertech for the demolition job has been asked to make sure that adequate number of CCTV cameras is installed on the premises by July 21, it said.

The report provided by Edifice Engineering on the disposal of construction and demolition waste was jointly assessed by the UP Pollution Control Board and the Noida Authority, which asked the private firm to submit a final working plan by July 31, according to the statement.

The firm was also told to use plastic sheets to protect the shrubs and parks of Emerald Court and ATS Village from post-blast dust, and determine by July 30 the height of the iron sheet that would be placed between the twin towers and the adjoining societies to control the dust from moving there, it added.

The Supreme Court had on August 31 last year ordered the demolition of the two towers which had come up in violation of building by-laws inside Supertech’s Emerald Court group housing society in Sector 93A.

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