Setup Google Ad Campaign


Setup Google Ad Campaign


Every business needs to grow. For growing in less time, business needs to run ads and making that profitable, We ( Pandora Blogs )  will create ad campaign for you.



We will setup Google Ads campaign that generates more conversions, more sales & more leads. We have created Ad campaigns for over 30 business niches and bring the ultimate performance. Get ready to experience the fastest results.

The campaign will be setup using high intentional keyword to target ready to convert customers, drive them to the website by using best appealing ad copy. A positive return on ROI is my top priority.

My offering service packages will include:

1. Business analysis

2. Competitor’s analysis

3. Keyword research & overview

4. Ad Group creation

5. Appealing Ad Copy Writing

6. Negative keyword Adding

7. Campaign management

8. Performance boosting suggestions.


P.S : We don’t provide sales guarantee. Though we able to generate positive ROAS for many clients. But we can guarantee quality clicks, traffic & right search terms. We only charge you for setting up profitable ad campaign.


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