Squirrel Gets Drunk On Some Fermented Pears And The Internet Cannot Stop Smiling

Watch: Squirrel Munches On Some Fermented Pears And Gets Drunk

The video features the squirrel barely able to balance after treating itself to the Pears.

The Internet is filled with videos of people failing to hold their drink and having a few slip-ups under the influence of alcohol. But if you thought only us humble humans miss a step or two when we have a drink, you are wrong. Apparently, squirrels too don’t react to fermented liquids too well and a viral video proves this. 

The clip, shared on Twitter, features a squirrel munching on some pears that were fermented. After several bites of the fermented pears, the squirrel is barely able to stand on its feet. The video shared by the user “Figen” also contains the note, “Squirrel eats fermented pears and gets drunk. Aww,” with heart and laughter emojis.

The clip has garnered over 662k views in less than 24 hours.

Several users have reacted to the post, expressing just how cute the video is. 

A person said, “Aww…The poor thing has not got a clue…Or maybe he does and he likes it? This happens to birds too.”

Another said, “It wasn’t such a good idea snacking the pears.”

“I do not advocate getting squirrels drunk, but it does look like fun,” read a comment.

“We’ve all been there,” confessed a few on the social media platform.

A person said, “Me attending a computational biology talk after lunch.”

An excited user wrote, “I’m sorry but I can quote tweet this every time I see it and show it to the family every time.”

Just last month, a video of a squirrel trying to eat groundnut went viral. In it, the persistent gnawer is trying hard to crack the outer shell despite multiple failures. The clip is titled, “Stop watching me.”

Upon spotting the camera, the squirrel turns away and continues his struggle. Upon realising that this is a tough nut to crack, the squirrel places the nut in the mouth, grabs another one and rushes away.

Tell us what you think of these adorable squirrel videos.

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